Effective Education on a Much Larger Scale

It has always been H.E.L.P. Miami’s goal to provide real education to as many students as possible, in a safe environment that promotes learning. Our ultimate vision would be to open a full campus for our school that could accommodate students from Pre-K to 12th Grade, expanding our curriculum to include not only art and music but “survival” skills such as personal finance, knowledge of human rights, the Constitution and leadership.

With more space, our academic program would be expanded to include many more subjects and extracurricular activities for students. A full curriculum with lesson plans, worksheets, exams would be developed for each grade level.

Lessons would include key words for the topics being taught, as well as suggested projects to involve the students. Lessons would be thorough, yet flexible enough that the teachers can inject their personal creativity into their classes. Our campus would be state of the art, inviting, and our staff and students would love to be there.

The Future of H.E.L.P. Miami

Our vision is simple: take the education methods that already make H.E.L.P. Miami the best possible schooling experience and expand so that we can increase our delivery to more students and expand our curriculum to include subjects that will even further ensure our students’ success.


A large, self-contained campus that could accommodate 100 students from Pre-K through 12th grade.

Educator Training

After hours, the school would serve as a training facility for teachers, parents and volunteers.

You Can Make a Difference

You can help us make this vision a reality. Donations are accepted and are fully tax-deductible. Get in contact with us today about what you can do to contribute!

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