As there is an epidemic of children being prescribed psychotropic medication in our country, all parents are required to watch the documentary “Dead Wrong” as part of our enrollment process. Students will not be permitted to sit in any class until this is done.


Dead Wrong:

How psychiatric drugs can kill your child

From the makers of the award-winning documentaries Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging and The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane? comes a searing new documentary, exposing how devastating—and deadly—psychiatric drugs can be for children and families.

Behind the grim statistics of deaths, suicides, birth defects and serious adverse reactions is the human face of this global drugging epidemic—the personal stories of loss and courage of those who paid the real price.

Psychiatrists claim their drugs are safe for children?

Once you hear what eight brave mothers, their families, health experts, drug counselors and doctors have to say instead, you will come away convinced of one thing…

Psychiatrists are DEAD WRONG.

Watch Dead Wrong

What is Expected from Parents

Parents are expected to parent. Children not properly fed or rested are nearly impossible to instruct. Doughnuts and coffee do not make a good breakfast; fast food is not a good lunch. Children who are not taught manners in the home tend to cause upset. Parents who invest in devices and not books for their child, produce children who do not read. Children left hours in front of the TV become “brain-dead.” Parents that make excuses for their child’s poor behavior or lack of school work, create students who make excuses for themselves. Parents that do not show an active interest in their children produce children that show little interest in themselves (or in anything for that matter). Parents that scream, strike, curse or otherwise react, create children with similar attitudes.

H.E.L.P. Miami is a private school. Enrollment is invitation only. Children who refuse to work or behave poorly will be dismissed so that the children who WANT to learn can do so without distraction.

Besides starting a school, I raised four children on my own. They were not just fed, given clothes and a house; they were RAISED. If their chores were not done, they did not watch TV for the day. If they missed one school assignment, they lost TV/video games for a week. If their rooms were a mess, their friends could not come over, and so on.

Once, one of my children received an “F” on his high school report card. He was not permitted phone or video game privileges until he brought the grade up to an “A,” which took 8 weeks, but he ended up getting an “A.” Had I laughed it off, or said that I did poorly when I was in school, he would have happily stayed with an “F.” Had I made excuses or blamed his teacher, my son may have settled into a “victim mentality” fully agreeing that there was “just no way he could ever get an “A,” which would have been a complete lie.

There are a billion other things that could be written in this section but I hope the message is clear: Parents are expected to do their job in raising their child and H.E.L.P. Miami will do its job in educating them. Much can be accomplished when the parent, teacher and student work in cooperation with one another.


What is Expected from Students

Students are expected to show up on time, do all assignments and turn in all work when due. Students are expected to behave. Students who consistently miss assignments or who create upsets and distractions are dismissed. (We are limited on space so only want students who WANT what we provide.)

Again, this is a private school, which means invitation only. Those who follow the rules and work hard are welcome; those that do not, are asked to leave.