What Contribution is needed?

Your Donations to H.E.L.P. Miami Allow Us to Bring Effective Education to More Students

The most needed and wanted thing right now is funds.

After experiencing the effectiveness of Study Technology firsthand, Tamara put up a total of $125,000 to move the school from my home into a commercial location. No one asked her to do this. No one expected her to do this. I certainly did not see this coming when she asked to have a word with me to propose her idea. She then went on to work for 3 years without pay to get the school solvent.

Had she not stepped up and funded the move, I would have continued home-schooling my children and their friends until 2010 when my youngest graduated.


What Does Your Donation to H.E.L.P. Miami Do?

All donations to H.E.L.P. Miami are tax-deductible and go towards improving our ability to deliver effective education solutions to more children in a higher volume and quality.

Better Facilities

We are always looking for ways to upgrade our existing facilities to accommodate more students and expand our ability to educate and improve education quality.

Improved Education

We are consistently including new projects and activities to further our students' education with engaging and exciting lessons.

Educational Programs

H.E.L.P. Miami has educational programs for reading and phonics that can be exported to Community Centers and to educate children and adults alike.

Your Child's Future

Of course, your donations go toward improving all aspects of H.E.L.P. Miami so we can bring better education to your child and many other children.

Match Tamara's Donation

The Biggest Contribution Needed

While donations of any amount are graciously accepted, what is needed is for 16 people to match Tamara’s initial seed money with a $125,000 donation. This target met would allow me to do necessary upgrades, renovations, and purchase playground equipment. This money would also fully fund a literacy project geared for adults for three years.

The ultimate goal is to secure a campus in the Miami area. This is a multimillion dollar venture. Currently the school is full and there is no room to expand.

The harsh reality is that the education system in our country is not failing-it has FAILED. Every time I meet a six year old who is on multiple psychotropics my heart breaks. I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if that child grew up in a system that did not stress the child out with homework and did not push mind altering drugs.

Every time I enroll a high school student who cannot write a sentence or solve basic math equations, I am outraged that no one cared enough to make sure they understood.

And every time a representative from an ADHD drug study tells me that I have the only school in South Florida that REFUSED the financial benefits offered if I got families to agree to put their kids on experimental drugs I want to scream.

A few people playing the “match Tamara game” or one right person could help take H.E.L.P. Miami to the next level and beyond.

We have proven statistics. We get excellent products and we know what we are doing. Help us do more.

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