Advocating Real Education and a Safe Learning Environment

H.E.L.P. Miami has maintained a set of core values and beliefs since its inception over 20 years ago by Founder and Principal, Barbara Rivera. At the center of everything H.E.L.P. Miami stands for is that children deserve an education that sets them up to actually learn, and succeed in their lives.

Our Mission Statement

H.E.L.P. Miami is a non-profit, accredited private school and tutoring center whose mission is to empower the individual student to become a competent, independent learner with sound educational skills (without the use of labels and drugs) so that they can master their academics and succeed in life.

No Labels. No Medication.

We do not label or believe that medication is the solution to poor academic performance. We do not endorse or participate in mental health screenings sponsored by pharmaceutical companies for our students. Nor do we accept kick-backs from the pharmaceutical industry that are called “incentives” for assisting to label a child. We do not endorse or participate in Common Core curriculum.

Educating Students to Think For Themselves

We are not interested in instructing solely so our students can “pass tests.” We want our students to have a personal purpose relating to what they are learning and we want our students to be able to apply this knowledge in real life situations. We welcome our students to challenge texts, express their ideas and offer their own solutions to matters at hand.

Your contributions are what help us continue to expand so we can reach and educate more children.

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