Fully Automated eCommerce Services

Create a passive income source with a profitable eCommerce business. Our 24/7 Virtual Assistant service takes care of everything from product listings, inventory, customer service and reviews. A fully-automated business opportunity that you can profit from without having to put in any of the time required to build and run an online store.

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Why RealEcom?

We Want to See Your Online Store Succeed

Our system is simple. You invest in your eCommerce business. We get your store approval to sell through Walmart and take all the actions to set up your store. Our virtual assistants fully run all aspects of the business including handling all orders and customers. At the end of the month, the profits are split 50/50 between you and RealeCom. It's a joint venture and we want to see your store succeed and bring in maximum profit.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us and find out if our eCommerce system is a good fit for you. We will give you all the details about what it will take to get started.

Starting Up

Our team takes care of the approval process for your store and gets all the details in order so you are set-up and ready to start making sales.

Sales and Expansion

Once your store is set up, our team handles all the day-to-day elements of running it and growing your customers and sales. Every aspect is taken care of for maximum profit and expansion.

Passive Income

Create a Fully-Automated Source of Income.

Secure your future with an income source that works for you. Create cash flow with a fully-automated online eCommerce store. Our virtual assistants take care of everything for you, 24/7 service that handles product selection, inventory, customer service and all the elements that ensure your success and profit in the eCommerce space. Unlike other programs or systems, our proven model doesn’t require you to deal with any item purchasing or shipping or any of the day-to-day operations. You won’t be just another shop in an oversaturated market, but rather you will be carving out your own piece of the eCommerce industry and create an unlimited potential of income flow starting within just a few weeks.

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Income on Autopilot

The Biggest Opportunity of 2021

Making your own eCommerce business may seem like a major undertaking. But with our system, the whole process is automated and taken care of for you. You provide the initial investment and our virtual assistants take care of the rest. The result? Cash flow from a fully established online business with none of the hassle of product selection and purchasing, shipping or customer service.

Automate Your Income

With RealeCom, you know that you are part of a team dedicated to ensuring your success. There are no barriers to generating unlimited income potential, and all the day-to-day operations are taken care of for you by our team of professionals.

Create Real Cash Flow

Other programs and systems promise to give you "inside" information about starting a successful eCommerce business. But most of these simply provide you with details about how to select products, where to order from and how to list these for sale by a fulfillment service. With RealECom, you are getting a full-service experience with full automation of your eCommerce business, resulting in consistent passive cash flow.

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Why eCommerce

Lasting Financial Stability

ECommerce is a growing industry that is continuing to boom. In 2020, eCommerce accounted for 15.5 percent of all retail sales worldwide. It is estimated that there will be 2.1 billion global digital buyers in 2021. Usual eCommerce involves a lot of logistics between selecting and purchasing inventory, shipping, storage, handling shipment of orders and customer service. With our system, this is all taken care of for you, saving you valuable time while still generating profit.

Selling on Amazon can be profitable but it is a highly saturated market given the hundreds of different fulfillment programs and systems out there. We get our customers to set up their online store with Walmart. We have worked out a streamlined system to get approval to sell with Walmart which is a far less saturated market. This means more reach and more sales captured.

Getting Started

When you contact us about starting your eCommerce store, and we have determined that you are a good candidate for our program we will take care of the approval process, getting your online store up and running within a few weeks.

Scaling and Growth

Once your store is set up, our team of virtual assistants takes care of everything. We select products that we know will sell, handle all logistics of ordering and shipping and keep your store running smoothly for maximum profit.

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Secure Your Financial Future

Setting up an eCommerce business is a surefire way to control your financial future. Capture your piece of this exploding industry with an investment in your own online store, fully automated with 24/7 service from our team of professionals and watch your profits roll in month after month.

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