“Because of the skills I learned at HELP Miami, I completed two years of college in just one.”

Ever since I started school, I hated it; the teachers, the homework, the tests and the pointless assignments I thought were given just to KEEP us busy.

In elementary school I was forced to see a guidance counselor due to my “unnatural” laziness (which is completely natural in every kid that age if you ask me). In middle school I began to show a bit more interest in school, but later came the pointless rants of the over dramatic punishments of teachers. I think they were just “power hungry,” but bullying 11 year olds? Really? Now really discouraged, I start high school where my teachers WERE the WORST! All they did was hand out worksheets and tests while they sat at their desks eating, texting or being on their computers. If a student needed help, that seemed to actually bother the teachers. We were either blamed for not being able to work it out by ourselves or completely ignored. As no real interest was shown to me, I showed no interest right back. By senior year I had the reputation of showing up late for school and sleeping in class.

Two months into my senior year my father and I visited a school in a shopping center; HELP Miami. Barbie was VERY HONEST about my situation (eye opening to say the least), but she understood. Basically, if I wanted the help I would get it, but I would have to work. I met the high school teacher, Nancy, and she too was VERY HONEST about my school performance and future. So I enrolled expecting the worst. However, the school was great! Nancy gave help, attention and showed a true interest in me. I was introduced to classes I never thought of taking before, such as physics, economics and probability and statistics. Math ended up becoming my favorite subject. The school actually felt like a family to me which is something I never even remotely experienced in previous schools. Not only did I get my diploma at HELP, but I went on to college and, because of the skills I learned at HELP, I completed two years of college in just one. I am one leap closer to enrolling in the university of my dreams!

In the meantime, I tutor high school students on math and volunteer at the school. If I could go back in time and start high school over this would be the school I’d choose. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT H.E.L.P. MIAMI! I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE IN THIS POSITION. MY PARENTS COULDN’T BE HAPPIER WITH THE CHANGE IN ME! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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